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How to Teach Kids Yoga Basics 2 Day Online Foundation Training (Level 1)

Do you want to excite and inspire kids with the amazing benefits of yoga?

This will be a very special weekend, where you will be able to do this workshop in the comfort of your own home due to Covid! 🙂 This weekend intensive gives you a wealth of practical skills including yoga postures, breathing techniques and loads of fun yoga based games that kids love.

See what Christina, a qualified and practising kids yoga teacher had to say about the Yogafun intensive:


The next intensive takes place on Saturday 5 February – Sunday 6 February

In the comfort of your own HOME!

$102 off for Earlybird Discount, bookings before 30th January

$595 with Earlybird Discount ($102 off)

$697 for bookings thereafter


Not available on these dates but want to stay informed?
Next workshop dates are:
May 14-15, 2022

Contact us and we’ll let you know when the next course is scheduled.
Keep me informed about the next workshop please!


Who is this workshop for?

  • Qualified yoga teachers who want to learn more about teaching kids (and earn Yoga Australia CPD points)
  • School teachers or anyone working with kids who want to learn some basic yoga techniques*
  • Parents who want to do yoga at home with their kids
  • Anyone with an interest in yoga (or a passion!)
  • Anyone considering teaching yoga to kids – this is a wonderful foundation course to get you started


Pre-requisites: No prior knowledge or experience required

*This workshop alone does not qualify you as an accredited yoga teacher however it is a brilliant Foundation Level training should you wish to continue on to accredited training, as this training is a PRE-REQUISITE for any further training with Yogafun. It also provides Yoga Australia CPD (continuing professional development) points.

What will I learn?

  • Yoga postures and breathing exercises – great foundation basics you can start teaching immediately
  • Fun games that kids love – they stay engaged and won’t even notice it’s ‘good’ for them
  • Story telling techniques to use as part of yoga classes
  • How to structure a yoga class – get templates, tips and your own manual
  • Yoga for different age groups and development – from toddlers to teenagers
  • Managing kids behaviour in a positive way – remove the fear and learn techniques for when
    ‘things go wrong’


What will I come away with?As part of the Foundation training, you will also receive 4 x Bonus packages to get you started.

Here is what you get in your Bonus packs:

Kids Yoga Starter Kit

Kickstart your kids yoga classes with your COMPLETE Starter kit. It has all that you need to get ‘kickstarted’ including Teaching Manual, Classroom Relaxation CD download and workbook.

Kids Yoga Templates

Get step-by-step templates to FANTASTIC lesson plans. Plan your term or program, record your class history for accreditation purposes, invoicing and for continuous improvement reviews.

Kids Yoga Reference Manuals

You’ll be ready and equipped for everything. With our Reference Manuals you’ll be inspired with endless ideas for yoga postures, games and props. You’ll save lots of time researching ideas and tips – as you’ll have access to the library of information at your fingertips whenever you need.

Resources lists

These lists provide all the props, books and resources that you’ll ever need to purchase to get you started teaching kids yoga immediately.

You can also order discounted products and books during the 2 day workshop.

Every person – no matter why they are there – comes away feeling energised, with a bunch of new skills and boosted confidence in how they work kids or just deal with kids, and all people, in every day life.


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Not available on these dates but want to stay informed?
Next workshop dates are:
May 14-15, 2022

Contact us and we’ll let you know when the next course is scheduled.
Keep me informed about the next workshop please!

Note: This 2 day intensive is a foundation training module towards becoming an accredited kids yoga teacher. While the workshop alone does not provide full accreditation it is the first step on this path. If you are already qualified you will enjoy adding these amazing skills to your existing classes, or to new kids classes you are starting up – and earn Yoga Australia CPD points!

If you want to learn more and become a fully qualified yoga teacher, please contact us for information about our Certified Yoga Teacher Training.

About the facilitator


Connie Mah is a highly regarded yoga therapist, teacher and motivational speaker. Accolades include an Australian Sports Commission nomination for her contribution to Victorian schools. Her experience includes:

  • Introduced yoga to over 18,000 students and 300 schools in Victoria, since 2005
  • Trained over 600 Victorian school teachers to incorporate yoga into their classrooms
  • Taught over 6,000 kids yoga programs throughout Victorian schools
  • Has been training and mentoring kids yoga teachers since 2008
  • Level 2 accredited Yoga Australia teacher and mentor (including over 500hr of yoga teacher training)
  • Is one of the most sought-after kids yoga teachers/programs in Victoria with a yoga program written based on the Australian National Curriculum
  • Studied with many of the leading kids yoga pioneers such as Sonia Sumar (creator of Yoga for the Special Child) and Shakta Kualsa .


Keep me informed about the next workshop please!