‘How to Teach Kids Yoga Basics’ Foundation Training

Teach Kids Yoga with Confidence & Ease!
31 May – 1 Feb 2014. (scroll below for event details)

Get your FREE Kids Yoga STARTER KIT + 15MIN Kickstart MENTOR Consultation with CONNIE when you are one of the FIRST 10 to REGISTER!

When you’re one of the first 10 to register today, you’ll get your own Kids Yoga Starter Toolkit and Bonuses (valued at $4,146) FREE, plus a 15min Kickstart Mentor Consultation with Connie to get you feeling more confident and inspired to teach kids yoga next term!


Connie Mah, the founder of Yogafun, will share with you  how her programs has been so popular in over 100 schools in Victoria, nominated for an award by the Australian Sports Commission – and has had 1,000s of children personally thank her for the difference her program has on their lives!

Will you be Next?

In just over a weekend, you’ll discover how to make Kids Yoga Fun & effective, know how to manage behavior problems in class, how to structure your class for any age, keep them engaged through the whole class & effectively teach them Life Skills and Emotional Awareness that sets them up for life!

Would you like to: 

  • TEACH Kids Yoga at Childcare centres, Kinders or Schools?
  • Know how to STRUCTURE your kids yoga class for ANY age?
  • Manage difficult class BEHAVIOUR issues?
  • Keep children ENGAGED and not lose their attention?
  • Teach Emotional Awareness & Yoga Philosophy EFFECTIVELY to children & not just yoga games?

If the answer is a resounding YES, and if you want to finally figure out why kids don’t always behave how we wish them to, some kids lose interest or find it hard to settle in class, then this could be the most important yoga training workshop you ever attend, especially if you are a yoga teacher, starting out or have already started teaching and want to specialise in kids yoga…
…regardless of your prior teaching experience – you’ll be inspired and equipped to teach amazing kids yoga classes!  

Dear Yoga Teacher,

I’m writing to you because you obviously have a great passion for kids and yoga…and you think that learning how to teach yoga postures, structure a lesson plan and becoming confident in managing class behaviours could really help you teach kids yoga effectively and make a difference to many young lives…

…but I don’t want you to go through what I did. I wasted so much energy, time and money trying to learn the best ways to customise yoga classes for kids,  how to communicate effectively to them, manage their challenging behaviours and trying worthless strategies that really left me tired and frustrated at times, things you’re probably worrying about right this minute before you even start teaching kids yoga!

So, before I reveal something to you that’s truly astounding, I want you to answer a few questions. Have you ever asked yourself: 

  • Will the techniques covered work for every class and age group?
  • Will a weekend workshop be sufficient to help you to be ready to teach a kids yoga class?
  • Do you know enough about yoga to be teaching it to kids?
  • Is your class learning the full benefits of yoga that can be applied to their everyday lives immediately?
  • Is it possible to become a kids yoga specialist by learning all the techniques and deliver it in a way that becomes irresistible to your kids class and makes the class very fun and productive for even you too?

If you’re asking any of these questions…I know exactly where you’re at.  In fact I spent many years trying to figure it out and master different techniques and approaches to teach kids yoga, get paid for doing what I love and find a system that works to keep 100% attention of the students in class…thankfully I did work it out and I will be sharing these techniques with you at the ‘How to Teach Kids Yoga Basics – Foundation training’, a special weekend workshop to be held for the last time this year.

I will reveal the formula’s and strategies that I have honed over the past 7 years to get my students settle quickly, relax and focus and leaving class excited about yoga and enjoy teaching kids yoga without any behavioural issues every class.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Connie Mah, I am a Children’s Yoga specialist, mentor and speaker who has worked with over 100 schools in Victoria and spoken at conferences such as:

  • Yogafun Connie MahMelbourne Grammar
  • Mt Scopus College
  • Hampton Primary
  • Best Start Conference
  • Little Learners Conference

…to name but a few and I am the founder of Yogafun, who has helped school and yoga teachers to become confident children’s yoga specialists in their local community.

And, I am going to reveal to you strategies to boost your confidence in teaching kids yoga, learn all the tools you need to manage your class behaviours and keep them engaged till the end by the foundational tools to keep you and your class having fun, feeling relaxed and learn effectively at my upcoming workshop.

I will spend 16 intensive hours helping generate these same kind of astounding results for YOU. 
In fact, just two days spent with me will help you:

  • learn how to create fun, engaging and effective lesson plans quickly
  • Identify the top seven techniques which could help you to manage kids behaviours in classes just after one day after the workshop,
  • Create a fun and effective ready-to-go lesson plan by Monday.
  • Turn unsettled and distracting students into angels by discovering the energy management process that only the experienced children’s yoga teachers know about.
  • Change any behavior problems by applying these little-known strategies to make teaching kids yoga easier and more fun within just days.

 Here’s what past participants have said about our workshops …

“I incorporated some of your ideas into my classroom on Monday and was thrilled with the effect it took on the children, bringing them peace and increasing concentration particularly after recess and lunch.” G. Patrick

“Connie, you are amazing!! Your presentation of this workshop was outstanding and was taught so very much from the heart.  I learnt some great ideas for Children’s yoga, particularly in connection with teaching emotions to children.” L. Ellis

“ The workshop has helped me to see the deeper levels of how magic takes place during a kids yoga class.  Incredibly fun, active and insightful! Packed with lots of tools, games & ideas to create awesome classes!” S. Dowd

“I learnt new games, how to explain emotions to kids. I feel like I now understand more about the more invisible components of a kids yoga class, such as intuition, compassion, intention and empowering kids.  I loved being involved in creating a class, participating and learning through the actions – really fun!” F.Crizelli

More practical tools than you’ll find at most training workshops

I am very passionate about what I do and I promise to deliver to you one of the best trainings you have ever experienced – that is my guarantee. My training programs routinely get rated by attendees as being 9 / 10 out of 10.

I work tirelessly to deliver to you brand new and fresh ideas and tools that will truly transform not only your kids yoga classes but your whole life. 

Not only that, but you can also have confidence in knowing that I have delivered presentations and training workshops for many schools and organisations such as; Australian Sports Commission, Best Start Victoria, Melbourne Grammar, Mt Scopus College, Balcombe Grammar, Hampton Primary, Camp Australia and Jewish Museum of Australia to name but a few.

Just imagine what it could do to your career when you work with the best of the best within your industry? 

The results will surprise you and you’ll learn how at this two day exclusive workshop.

Before I delve into exactly what you are going to get and how this 2 day workshop will help you dramatically increase your confidence in teaching kids yoga…. Let’s take a look at why you don’t feel confident teaching kids yoga or haven’t even taken the first step yet to learn how to…

STOP Struggling & START Calming your class to FOCUS…

Easier said then done, right!?

If you’re anything like me then you are incredibly PASSIONATE about kids and yoga.  However as you and I both know,  passion doesn’t always clam and focus kids in class, education does: FULL STOP!

You may have read countless kids yoga articles, tried countless techniques, CDs and programs… all promising the world and yet STILL FAILING to deliver you STEP by STEP STRATEGIES that WORK when applied in REAL LIVE situations with kids, especially when it comes to kids yoga knowledge and expertise – i.e. the invisible side of yoga teaching.

You’re obviously put in the work… you’ve conducted copious amounts of research…conducted your due diligence to find the best training so you can feel confident teaching kids yoga, be inspired with many ideas and start being paid for doing what you love.  You see…you’ve done everything right…but you’re still missing something. Why?

Yogafun boy yoga poseBecause the systems you’re using are flawed.  They fail to take into account human behavior and proven kids yoga strategies.  They are based on theory not tried and tested strategies that have actually been applied out in the field and can be backed up by being PROVEN successful in over 100 schools in Victoria.

At this 2 day workshop you will discover powerful step-by-step strategies that will have your class loving you as their kids yoga teacher and not want anyone else.  I will challenge you to break through your fears and barriers in teaching kids yoga by providing you with SYSTEMATIC processes to instantly calm and focus your kids and have their full undivided attention from the start till end of your class.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

The entire plan is all laid out for you, step-by-step, in my ‘Yogafun Basics’ Manual & Kids Yoga Teaching System, featuring templates, reference manuals, and strategies to instantly calm and settle your class.

When you attend ‘Yogafun Basics – Foundation Training’, you will discover strategies to create INSTANT CALM and FOCUS in your class for easy and effective learning and an authentic connection with your students like no other.

These strategies include systematic processes, templates and class ideas to get you STARTED IMMEDIATELY, without having to start everything from scratch with little to no knowledge, including 20 groundbreaking educational modules:



Module 1: INSTANT CALM – Learn powerful ‘tested’ & ‘proven’ techniques to immediately eliminating fear, stress and anxiety from any class environment.


Module 2: KEEP KIDS ENGAGED, FOR LONGER – Discover the secrets of running AMAZING kids yoga classes that captivate your children’s imagination and attention every class!


Module 3: MANAGING CHALLENGING BEHAVIOUR – You’ll learn powerful techniques to manage any disruptive behavior and help you overcome any fears of challenging behavior in a calm and light manner.


Module 4: WHAT KIDS WANT & NEED – Learn the ‘COMPLETE’ science behind what kids want and need.  I will reveal all of my steps in my ‘Kids Yoga Essentials Formula’ leaving your kids raving about your class.


Module 5: ANY AGE, ANY CLASS – You’ll learn how to adapt your classes to each child’s and developmental needs.


Module 6: STRUCTURED FOR SUCCESS – Use my step by step ‘LESSON PLAN FORMAT’ guide to capture the attention of every child in your class – this format has been used in programs from small groups to over a hundred children.


Module 7: 101 YOGA GAMES – The biggest challenge any kids yoga teacher faces is running out of great ideas – I’ll share my library of yoga games and detailed instructions for each so you’ll never run out of ideas again!


Module 8: MAKING YOGA PHILOSOPHY FUN – Convert the life lessons that yoga has taught you into fun and meaningful experiences for your students in our ‘3 Step Make Yoga Philosophy Fun Model’.  This will transform your yoga classes, beyond the mere physical yoga postures and relaxation – teaching them lifeskills they’ll never forget! 


Module 9: PREPARATION FUNDAMENTALS – Discover our ‘4 Key Preparation Principles’ for a smooth and harmonious class.  You’ll be prepared for anything!


Module 10: TOOLS OF TRADE – Experience the techniques, props and games that we use everyday in our secret toolkit – to make every class a success! 


Module 11: YOGA SAFETY FOR GROWING BODIES – Use our ‘DO’s & DON’Ts’ Guide to teaching kids yoga postures safely for each age group development.


Module 12: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR KIDS – Learn easy and fun ways to teach children about their emotions.  I will reveal my successful approach to teaching kids about emotional and social awareness in schools.  You’ll love this one too! 


Module 13: STORYTELLING SUCCESS – Turn your storytelling into AMAZING adventures that your students will be raving about and even teaching their siblings and parents at home.


Module 14: SECRETS TO KIDS RELAXATION – Use my ‘3 Steps to Instant Relaxation’ to instantly take your class to a calm and relaxed state. 


Module 15: KEEP UP THE FUN & FLOW – Discover techniques to manage the dynamics and energy of each class, so every class overflows with fun and creativity.


Module 16: PARTNER YOGA – Experiment with the endless ways you can teach kids to trust, communicate and share their experiences through partner yoga.


Module 17: GROUP YOGA – Discover inspiring games and techniques to manage and direct your children into activities easily and quickly – with no fuss. 


Module 18: EMPOWER YOUR KIDS, WITHOUT LOSING YOUR POWER – Achieve self-mastery through developing your intuition and experimenting with creative play to teach kids to actively contribute to the class without taking over your class!


Module 19: BUSINESS OF KIDS YOGA – Save yourself time and money by learning the key steps you need to take to start teaching kids yoga at your kinder, school or childcare centre immediately.


Module 20: MAKE IT WORK – Learn what it takes to make kids yoga classes work for your lifestyle, from start to woe – so you can feel continuously inspired and supported throughout your journey.





Just imagine what it could do to your kids yoga teaching and perhaps career when you work with the best in the industry?

The results will surprise you and you’ll learn how at this 2 day workshop.

The total value from the training alone comes in at $19,000 worth of education that can create instant calm and focus in your class and change the lives of many children in the future!!

Not to fear though, you won’t pay that. We have a special price just for you, if you are one of the first 10 to register today… and IMMEDIATELY after I reveal to you your exclusive price, I’ll share with you an added $4,146 worth of bonuses I’m going to throw in for free when you register straight away to FAST TRACK YOUR LEARNING EVEN FURTHER!

I warn you… read quick, the last spots will be snapped up fast.

This 2 day workshop is for you!

Yoga Teacher wanting to start teaching Kids Yoga

You, like many other yoga teachers out in the field know just how important it is to have a regular yoga practice in your life. Creating a healthy lifestyle from a young age is paramount to longevity in your physical, mental and emotional health – and creating a business that allows you to profit from your passion. Yoga teachers are a dime a dozen, you want to know how to specialize in kids yoga, have the flexibility to teach either kids or adults yoga and fill your life with fun, variety and adventure through teaching fun and innocent kids to explore your creativity that will reward you for your devotion to guiding them to yoga, health and relaxation…. whilst enjoying it yourself too.

Yoga Teacher already teaching Kids Yoga

You are currently teaching kids yoga with your own kids or in the community.  You want to know more about the proven techniques used to help students settle their scattered energy, concentrate better and relax in class… and you know that there’s an easier and more effective way than what you have been doing to date.  Whether you are a full time or part time yoga teacher – you will be equipped with all the techniques, lesson planning tools and strategies to successfully teach kids yoga classes that are fun, effective and meaningful for your students.  You will know how to instantly create calm and focus in your class in just minutes.

To show you just how serious I am about making kids yoga teaching easier for you, be one of the first 10 to register by 31st Jan, and I’ll include 6 bonuses valued at $4,146 to help you get the MOST from your training workshop!

Now that you’re ready to get serious about breaking through your fears of teaching kids yoga and finally start enjoy teaching AMAZING kids yoga classes that have kids wanting more, I want to give you as much help as I possibly can…

So I’m throwing in a selection of powerful FREE bonuses that are designed to compliment my ‘Yogafun Basics – Foundation Training’ workshop, and help you FEEL CONFIDENT in no time!

These bonuses include…

Bonus #1: Kids Yoga Starter Kit

You are absolutely going to LOVE this bonus.
Kickstart your kids yoga classes with your COMPLETE Starter kit.  It has all that you need to get ‘kickstarted’ including Teaching Manual, Classroom Relaxation CD and set of relaxation stones & feathers.

Bonus #2: Kids Yoga Templates Kit

Get my step-by-step templates to FANTASTIC lesson plans, plan your term or  program, record your class history for accreditation purposes, invoicing and for continuous improvement reviews.

Bonus #3: Resources Lists

To get the props, books and resources you need with greater ease, you will also receive our ‘Resources List’ as a free gift for attending this 2 day training workshop. This list provides all the props, books and resources that you’ll ever need to purchase to get you started teaching kids yoga immediately.

Bonus #4: Reference Manuals

You’ll be ready & equipped for everything – with our Reference Manuals you’ll be inspired with endless ideas for yoga postures, games and props.  It all comes with detailed instructions too!  This means you’ll save lots of time researching ideas and tips – as you’ll have access to the library of information at your fingertips whenever you need.

Bonus #5: Monthly Newsletters

Stay informed with the latest ideas and updates in the industry.  Teaching kids yoga can feel a bit isolating sometimes and the monthly newsletter will keep you up to date with the latest workshops, social gatherings and a great opportunity to share ideas and support each other through any challenges.  This means you’ll have friends to share the journey with long after the training workshop has concluded.

Bonus #6: Kids Yoga Product Discounts

Get all the products you need to get started with your ‘Started Discount’ packages.
Why pay Full Price when you can get great discounts through our Kids Yoga community?
But, you must act fast! As these bonuses will go quickly!

You receive all of this for $697 (or $595 with Earlybird Offer) when you join today – take action immediately and unlock the secrets of Kids Yoga teaching!

PLUS your 15min Kickstart Mentor consultation (for you or your school) with Connie when you’re one of the first 10 to register!

Yogafun Kids Yoga at School ProgramGetting ALL of these kids yoga strategies and tools for anything less than $697 is a steal (not to mention the $100 Earlybird offer saving when you act today!)

The reality is that if you are to walk away from this workshop and just apply one of the strategies I teach you, it could potentially yield you many happy and calm children who love yoga and know exactly how it can help them now and as they grow up. 

Why can I say this so confidently?

Because these are the kinds of results our teachers are already generating. Strategies that I have personally tried and tested and strategies that my kids yoga teachers have routinely utilised to increase confidence in teaching, instantly calm their students, improve their concentration and effectively taught how they can use yoga at home, school or on playgrounds.

‘Why am I giving $23,146 worth of value away for only $595 AND a personal Mentor Consultation with me for the first 10 that register?’ (Only While Early Bird Tickets Last!)

You see, I absolutely love what I do.

I get to teach, share and mentor new kids yoga teachers to work with other passionate like-minded people who also love yoga and working with children. Nothing excites me more than when a kids yoga teacher tells me how much a difference they made to a child, have parents personally thank them for the changes in their child or schools booking their on an ongoing basis.

It gives me chills because I know I’ve made a real impact on many children’s and families lives.   

But, I also know and understand that my knowledge isn’t affordable nor accessible to every teacher, parent and childhood professional and I can’t stand kids yoga teachers and children suffer due to lack of education. Education that could truly transform their kids yoga classes and lives as it has done to mine.

So, with a 2 day group workshop, it makes it more affordable to everyone, and really helps a major goal of mine; to make a massive impact on the professional and personal lives of teachers, parents and children the world over.  
To show you just how serious I am about making kids yoga easier for you, register today, and I’ll include a full list of Resources to help you get started the day you leave the event!!!

Now that you’re ready to get serious about teaching kids yoga at your childcare, school, home or local community and finally start enjoying teaching yoga and being paid to do what you love, I want to give you as much help as I possibly can…

…So I’m throwing in a full list of resources to help you get started the very next day you leave the workshop.

This will save you hours upon hours of time researching their details and hunting them down.

Just imagine how much it could be worth to you even if you saved at least one whole day of researching the information!!!

You’re covered by a 100% full ‘Money Back Guarantee

Still sitting on the fence? Worried that this sounds too good to be true?

I understand! After all, it’s hard to know who you can trust these days, and you want to be sure you’re spending your hard earned dollars on something that’s going to give you RESULTS.

So here’s my pledge to you: If you come and attend, ‘How to Teach Kids Yoga Basics – Foundation training’  workshop until the end of day 1 and leave that afternoon feeling you did NOT learn how to teach kids yoga, help them to relax, customise your class for each age group or how to write a lesson plan, just let me know in person, before you leave.

I’ll gladly send you back ALL of your money…no questions asked! 

I’m prepared to take ALL of the risk on myself, because I KNOW that I can help you break through your current reservations in teaching kids yoga or teaching plateaus you make reached and take you to a whole NEW level of success with teaching kids yoga that has previously eluded you.

Sound like a fair deal?

“So, when is it on… I’m ready to start teaching kids yoga in my local community, help distracted kids to relax, improve their concentration & get paid to do what I love…”

Time:                       9:00am – 6:00pm

Date:                        31 May – 1 June 2014

Where:                   Melbourne

Ideal for:                Yoga Teachers with or without experience with Kids Yoga

Event are being held in St Kilda. Details confirmed via email upon registration.

Block out your diary now. This is a workshop you definitely don’t want to miss.

        697 – Only 595  until 31st January Only!

Eventbrite - 'How to Teach Kids Yoga Basics' Foundation Training

Register in LESS than two minutes, and you’ll be on your way to your dream of teaching kids yoga, helping kids to relax & FINALLY earning money from your passion!

So now you have a choice to make…

You can continue struggling to learn how to calm scattered students, manage disruptive behavior and finally breakthrough your current challenges on your own… and always be disappointed and frustrated with your lack of results…

You can keep dumping endless amounts of money into how-to books, videos and other systems, but still never get a single step closer…

Or you can make a modest one-time investment to get all of the step-by-step help you need to increase your confidence in teaching kids yoga, from someone who has already figured it all out, and can show you exactly what it takes to instantly calm children in schools and centres, get thousands of happy and relaxed kids and families and profit from your passion.

I’ve already shown you plenty of examples of others who made the right choice, joined me, and are now enjoying their successes.

It’s high time you did too, don’t you think?

It’s easy to get started right away. Just click here and you can register your place immediately.
Get ready to teach lots of kids yoga classes, get them to relax and focus, and be referred by others – just by using these powerful kids yoga strategies I am going to share with you at this groundbreaking and comprehensive ‘How to Teach Kids Yoga Basics – Foundation training’  workshop.

All the best,
Yogafun Connie PhotosYA_logo_Lvl2_teacher
Connie Mah

Founder of Yogafun

Yoga Therapist | Speaker | Trainer

P.S. Remember the Earlybird is for a few weeks only.   Once, they’re gone and the general ticket price allocation runs out – the price goes back up to $697!

Eventbrite - 'How to Teach Kids Yoga Basics' Foundation Training

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