Yogafun offers an extensive range of programs for schools, parents and children in the community. The following is a list of the programs on offer:

  • Term courses
  • Active After School Care Programs (AASC)
  • Incursion packages for Primary & Secondary schools
  • Student Leadership program
  • VCE Stress Management program
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Workshops for Parents/Health Professionals
  • Yoga Therapy for Learning Difficulties
  • Yoga Therapy for Children with Special Needs
  • Workshops for Parents/Health Professionals
  • School Holiday programs
  • Family Days & Community Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Private group/individual classes 

Details of each program:

Term courses

The Yogafun Term Courses are fun, highly interactive, and works on empowering children through a self-awareness and self-responsibility model. Helping them to discover how their mind/body connection can improve their health and wellbeing, and enhance their creativity and focus/concentration.  Through different exciting themes and/or stories each week, we cover the basics of yoga, dance/movement, breathing techniques and relaxation.

Active After School Care Programs (AASC)

AASC Yogafun program is run quite differently to the term courses, as it takes into account the nature of the AASC and/or OSCHC’s program run at the schools. The AASC yogafun program focuses on maximum participation of the children and providing a positive and fun experience for the children through introducing them to yoga, dance/movement and storytelling activities to emphasise the benefits of physical movement and activities in conjunction with relaxation at the end. The program encourages children to learn the importance of both physical activity and rest, for optimal health and wellbeing.

Incursion packages for schools

Yogafun offers Incursion packages for schools, childcare centres and organisations. The program is fun, highly interactive, and works on empowering children through a self-awareness and self-responsibility model. Helping them to discover how their mind/body connection can improve their health and wellbeing, and enhance their creativity and focus/concentration.

Student Leadership program (M.A.D project)

The Make A Difference (M.A.D.) project is an exciting global project run in local primary and secondary schools to empower children through their talents to make a difference to their local community and global network. This project teaches children the basics of yoga and meditation and cultivates their natural gifts in a supportive mentoring program. Empowering and cultivating the gifts of our future leaders.

VCE Stress Management program

Yogafun Stress Management program for VCE students teaches students the importance of self-awareness, self-management and care through regular yoga, breathing, visualization techniques to manage the challenges of VCE. The program empowers the students to reach their full potential in all aspects of themselves – personally, socially and academically.

Professional Development for Teachers

Yogafun PD workshops are designed to cater for both the teachers’ and students’ health and wellbeing. There are two streams: one for primary and the other for secondary school teachers.  Both streams equip teachers with basic yoga, dance/movement, breathing and relaxation techniques to enhance their own wellness and effectiveness as a teacher. These techniques help teachers increase their productivity of their students through fun and easy yogafun activities that they can use in the everyday classroom.

Yoga Therapy for Learning Difficulties

This program is run on an individual basis or in small groups, at various venues including schools and private homes.   Specifically catering to the individual child’s needs to improve self-awareness of body, left/right brain integration, mind/body connection, focus/concentration and social/personal development.

Yoga Therapy for Children with Special Needs

These sessions are offered on a one-to-one basis. The programs are written for the individual child based on his/her stage of development. Helping each child explore their full potential and enhance their quality of life – through improved gross motor skills, communication skills and personal/social development.

Workshops for Parents/Health Professionals

Yogafun offers workshops for parents and health professionals to explain the different stages of development in children, and explore different techniques to introduce yoga to children in their home environment or health/wellbeing centres. The workshops are highly interactive, full of inspirational ideas and practical components to help integrate yoga into children’s everyday life.

School Holiday programs

Holiday programs are run at various venues, ranging from local schools, council programs to yoga studios and halls. Each term different themes are used to captivate the imagination of the children, learn fun and wacky yoga postures to share with their friends and whilst getting the benefits of yoga and relaxation without even noticing it!

Birthday Parties

Yogafun birthday parties are the exciting revolutionary way of celebrating children’s birthdays. Jam packed with Yogafun games and activities, usually with a fun theme to captivate the imagination of them all. Optional healthy eating plan is available upon request too.

Private group/individual classes

Tailor made programs are available for individuals and groups with specific requirements. Such classes can vary from sports specific injury prevention programs, private group classes for school teachers for stress management, to private family classes within residential homes.