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Book Connie Mah & make your next Conference or Teacher PD Unforgettable!

Through her dynamic presentations, Connie draws on her extensive experience working in yoga therapy and meditation to incite conversation and instil change within her audiences.  She shares her vision and strategy to prevent anxiety, bullying, depression and youth suicide in schools.

Connie is available for speaking engagements for conferences, schools, school clusters/regions, associations, public seminars, corporations, events and in-house school PD  trainings.

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 De-Stress, Motivate, Inspire

Connie Mah, the founder of Yogafun will reveal to you step-by-step strategies to ‘stress-proof’ your classrooms and home through her unique style of teaching stress management, yoga, mindfulness and social-emotional intelligence based on proven techniques you can apply for rapid results in your classroom or home to transform unsettled, disruptive and anxious children to calm and focused effective learners.  

Connie’s unique mix of fun and interactive engagement adds a splash of colour to an otherwise consevative day.  She has spoken at conferences organised through Best Start, Little Learners, Rotary International, as well as many whole school PD workshops.

Changing Lives, one Child at a time

After seeing children as young as Pre-schoolers suffering anxiety and depression – herself growing up with a family history of  anxiety, bullying and depression, as well as playing a parental role for her younger sibling at the age of 19, when her father passed away –   Connie went on a mission to find the most effective techniques to create instant calm, focus and teach social emotional awareness to as many children, teachers and families as possible through yoga and mindfulness.

Physical, emotional and mental fatigue and breakdowns were regular occurrences in the early years of her life.   It was only through yoga, meditation and healthy lifestyles that she has been able to enjoy her life, sharing her passions and techniques with thousands of teachers and parents.

Presentations that Educate, Inspire & Motivate

Connie brings enormous energy, insight and enthusiasm to each and everyone of her presentations.  Her speaking career has spanned over 7 years in which she has addressed well over 10,000 individuals directly.

Connie speaks regularly at a variety of events.  To discover how Connie can make a dramatic impact at your next conference, training or meeting – email us at

Connie’s Keynote Topics:

For teaching industry:

  • Preventing Anxiety, Depression & Mental Illnesses in Schools
  • Are you Managing Stress or is it Managing You?
  • Social & Emotional Learning through Yoga
  • Classroom Behaviour Management – Made Easy using Yoga
  • Sensory Awareness & Integration through Yoga
  • 3 Dimensional Classroom Learning – the Power of Yoga-based learning

For Parents:

  • How ‘Stress-Proof’ is your Child?
  • Reducing Separation Anxiety for Kids
  • Coping with Post-Bullying Stress
  • 7 Ways for Better Sleep

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For Whole School PD Workshops:

Your Yogafun Classroom Toolkit – An Interactive & Educational PD

Learn easy & effective yoga techniques for the everyday classroom:

  • Instantly create a calmer classroom in minutes!
  • Improve their focus & concentration
  • Effectively manage class behaviour & energy levels
  • Enhance creativity, communication and discipline

‘De-stress & Recharge’ – Practical PD for Teachers

A great way to reward hardworking teachers who don’t get a chance to relax and recharge in their busy schedules.

  • Detangles the stress-related thoughts
  • Relaxes & clears the mind
  • Increases your emotional & self-awareness
  • Caters for all levels of experience, especially beginners.
  • Learn ways to manage stress on a everyday basis.

** Great for team-building and to de-stress teachers at your next staff meeting.

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