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Learn What it Takes to Kickstart Your Kids Yoga teaching career in 7 fundamental steps.

Children learn yoga very differently from adults, they have a shorter attention span and are less likely to be as well-behave as adults in a yoga class.  The traditional approach of teaching yoga is no longer enough to ensure success when teaching children’s yoga programs.  Are you ready and well-equipped to teach kids yoga and earn an income from doing what you love?

Learn how you can Kickstart your Kids Yoga career. View our webinar to learn from Victoria’s leading Children’s Yoga specialist, Connie Mah, to deliver an eye-opening presentation about the steps required to ensure success in your new career.

During this 50-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • Why some Kids Yoga classes don’t work
  • Are you the Right person to teach Kids Yoga?
  • How to setup your Kids Yoga business for success

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Thursday 23rd January, 2014  – starts 8pm

Yogafun founder Connie Mah

Yogafun founder Connie Mah


Connie Mah, founder of Yogafun

Connie is a Children’s Yoga Specialists trainer and mentor who created a very popular Yogafun children’s yoga program.  It has been facilitated to over 300 hundred schools throughout Victoria, including a state-wide program which  introduced yoga to over 3,000 children.  Connie was nominated for an award by the Australian Sports Commission for her outstanding community program in 2010.


Anyone who is interested in teaching children’s yoga, especially parents, teachers and educators or childhood therapists.

NO prior experience required.


Internet connection and speakers/headphones.

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