Meditation Courses & Full Moon Meditations are held regularly throughout the year to help parents/adults to harmonised their thoughts and their experiences.

The courses are usually delivered in 6-8week periods.

  • Yogafun Stress Management Basics (Lvl 1)
  • Yogafun Meditation in Motion (Lvl 2)
  • Yogafun Meditation in Everyday life (Lvl 3)

Course Descriptions:

Yogafun Stress Management Basics (Lvl 1)

Each week we explore various techniques to help you reduce stress in everyday life.  This course is highly practical to find what techniques/methods of stress management works for you.  Helping you Stress LESS and Enjoy life MORE!

Yogafun Meditation in Motion (Lvl 2)

This course is for those who have already completed the introductory Stress Management Basics course and want to learn more about Meditation and help to make Meditation a regular part of Everyday Life.

Yogafun Meditation in Everyday life (Lvl 3)

pre-requisites: Stress Management Basics & Meditation in Motion course

For those who want to explore deeper into the different concepts and experiences that occur when meditation is already a regular practice.

Connie Mah is a Spiritual Guide and Coach that uses her clairvoyant gifts to work with individuals in a group environment to help let go of old thinking patterns and habits – to live an inspirational and purposeful life without the ’stresses’ of everyday life.  Topics covered are tailored to specific needs of group.

One thought on “Meditation

  1. Maz Dillon & Rilley

    Gorgeous Connie
    THANK YOU so much for a wonderful FULL MOON MEDITATION last night at Yoga Tree. I felt so wonderful afterwards, and brought that same feeling into my day today. Riley, 8, said he wants to do Full Moon Mediations EVERY sunday! (don’t think the lunar cycle goes that quickly though does it)
    Thanks Connie. See you next Full Moon. Mazx

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