Adult Yoga

Connie Mah the creator of Yogafun runs various Adult Yoga & Meditation courses throughout the Australia.

Helping Adults to harmonise their thoughts & actions to live their greater potential & lifestyle that they wish to have.

Connie uses her intuitive/clairvoyant gifts to tune into the individuals needs in class, by embodying the student’s emotional state and thought patterns.  She tailors the movements & postures based on where the student is physically and mentally at – then guides & provides further insight to their thought patterns at the end of class – to ‘consolidate’ the lesson or theme that comes through for the student/s in class.  Every class is very different & unpredictable, as it is purely based on the emotional & mental state of the students who attend on the day.

Connie share her gifts to the community in various forms such as Conferences & Workshops and her Yoga Therapy & Meditation courses. When possible she is also available for Private Consultations where she can attend to the individual’s needs through Yoga Therapy, Meditation and Energetic readings.

Email to have Connie speak at your next Conference / Staff Meeting.  Educating others how simple Meditation / Yoga techniques can reduce Stress, think Clearly & increase Productivity in our lives.

Yoga Classes

Connie is currently teaching Yoga classes for adults at the following dates & venues:

Weekly classes (1hr):

Good Life gym, Sandringham – Mon 7.30pm

Re-Creation gym, Hampton – Thu 8.30am

Re-Creation gym, Brighton East – Thu 7.30pm

Meditation 5wk Course

Tues 8pm starts April 24th

Learn how to use fun and practical ways to incorporate Meditation/relaxation techniques in Everyday life.

This course is open to both beginners & regular students.

Email: to Book Now. Limited Spaces available.

Be quick to Not miss out. Last course was Sold Out!

Stress Management through Self Mastery 5wk Course

Tues 7pmstarts April 24th

Learn simple and practical ways to ‘de-clutter’ our minds & ‘diffuse’ the stresses in our everyday lives. Don’t think its possible? Come and learn how simple it can be.  By understanding our emotions and our thinking habits, we learn to manage our everyday stresses with ease.

This course is recommended for students who have been practiced yoga and/or meditation in the past.

Bookings Essential.

Email: to Book Now. Limited Spaces available.

Spaces Strictly limited to provide maximum participation & benefits.

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