We are a team of professional Children’s Yoga specialists who are passionate about children and promoting health and well-being through Yoga & Meditation.

Yogafun develops yoga programs for children to captivate their creativity, boost their confidence and individuality through yoga, dance/movement, meditation and relaxation techniques which are highly interactive and more importantly delivered in a fun and non-competitive atmosphere.  Creating the foundations of lifelong skills that will embrace and empower children based on their individual needs, to help them reach their full potential, at school, socially and  personally.

What do we do?

Yogafun offers various programs for the community.  Ranging from school incursions, group PD workshops for teachers and parents, to individual yoga therapy sessions for children with specific needs.  Yogafun is passionate about sharing their program with parents, teachers and children to make the tools as accessible as possible to all youth in the community.

Why Yogafun?

Yogafun caters for the child as a whole.  Working physically to balance the body from the strength and flexibility of muscles/joints, to increasing blood and lymphatic circulation, and massaging/stimulating the digestion and endocrine system.  The program embraces and nurtures the emotional aspects of the child through creative stories and activities.  Yogafun combines meditation and kinesiology (including Brain Gym) techniques to equip children with skills to train their brain and thinking patterns to a healthy and balanced approach to life.

Programs available:

  • Term courses
  • Active After School Care Programs (AASC)
  • Incursion packages for schools
  • Professional Development for teachers
  • Yoga Therapy for Learning Difficulties
  • Yoga Therapy for Children with Special Needs
  • Workshops for Parents/Health Professionals
  • School Holiday programs
  • Birthday parties
  • Private group/individual classes

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