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aboutusConnie Mah

Connie Mah, is an educator, yoga teacher, and national speaker/trainer for
her Yogafun program which teaches health and empowerment through
emotional and mental health.

She is the founder of Yogafun, the Children’s Yoga specialists, which has run
school wellbeing programs to hundreds of schools in Victoria. She was
recently nominated for an award, by the Australian Sports Commission for
her contribution to Victorian schools. She trains, mentors and empowers
teachers and students nationally to make schools a more fun, safe and effective
learning environment. She is also a regular guest speaker at school teachers’
and principal conferences and professional development workshops.

Her programs help reduce stress of school teachers, students and principals. Helping schools to adopt and
implement a stress management plan for teachers and students means our children are getting the best and
effective education possible. The Yogafun programs not only help manage stress, but also prevents bullying
at schools, helps calm behavioural issues in classrooms for more effective learning and socially on the
playgrounds. Her programs have been used to help teenagers feel more confident and happy with their body
image, combating anorexia and bulima, as well as mental health issues such as depression and preventing
youth suicide.

Connie is currently working with the Australian Sports Commission, local councils, government bodies,
community partners and schools to make yoga accessible to all youth within schools. She is passionate
about equipping our future leaders with skills for life.

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