Learn Aleph Bet Yoga!

Learn Aleph Bet Yoga these school holidays!

Come learn the Hebrew Alphabet through Yogafun’s popular children’s yoga program!

We’ve made learning the Aleph Bet so much FUN and Interactive through yoga especially for children- make sure your child doesn’t miss out!

FREE Trial sessions on Sunday 15th April (11 & 11.25am)

Held at Jewish Museum Family Open Day

Aleph Bet Yoga Workshops (1hr) Children’s yoga workshop

Sunday 6th May 10.30-11.30am

Thursday 5th July 10.30-11.30am

Cost: $15 Child / $10 per Child with Jewish Museum Family Membership

Aleph Bet Educational Program for Schools Children’s yoga for Schools

Book your school for the full Aleph Bet interactive learning experience through movement, connection and play.

Book your School Bookings

Book your school in for a Children’s Yoga School Incursion program today!

Bookings: for Children’s yoga

Bookings are essential.

Trial session & Workshop Bookings:

Email: info@jewishmuseum.com.au
Call: (03) 8534 3600

School Educational Program Bookings:

Email: schools@jewishmuseum.com.au
Call: (03) 8534 3600

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