Feeling Overwhelmed & Frustrated?

Welcome back to Term 1!

What an amazing start to a wonderous year!

Yes, I hear you.  For some of you, ‘Amazing’ may not be your choice of words to describe the start of this year.

I have been very busy, with classes packed to the rim, requests for healing sessions via all phone, online and in person.  As a result, I am writing this article to help those who may need it. Sorry I have not written my articles for a while, I hope this helps.

To those who have been feeling overwhelmed with different emotions, please know that you are not alone.  Many students have been feeling these strong emotions coming to the surface, all in varying contexts of our individual lives – whether it be first week back to school, work or even family/relationship dramas.  As a result, there seems to be a common theme.  An underlying sense of ‘discomfort’ or ‘unease’.  Many of us, re-live the emotions felt from the natural disasters for this time last year as well ie. earthquakes in NZ, floods in QLD and even recently the third year anniversary of Black Saturday.  Regardless, if we are directly affected or not, energetically we are  all connected and sense these ’emotions’ (which I refer to as our ‘internal movement’) and so it is perfectly naturally to feel more emotional and sensitive about things lately.  So with changes in both our daily routines, on top of the energetic movements happening lately – many of us have felt well out of our ‘comfort zone’.

This year, is a new year, where we have the opportunity to do, enjoy and create anything we wish.  In late January and now early February, there has been many changes for students and parents, it’s the start of a new school term, for business owners and employees there are higher expectations to make this year a profitable and successful year.  What seems to happen is that we all set our new year’s resolutions or goals for the year in January. Start putting them in action in mid-late January with great excitement and focus, then Febuary comes.  School starts.  Companies start to gain momentum. Suddenly, ‘reality’ of the year or our circumstances becomes more challenging.  For those who are really enthusiastic, continue to work at a fast pace to pursue our goals and new years’ resolutions.  Some adjust their pace accordingly to the changes in the environment that they need to work within, ie, juggle work, life, balance with family, health and other facets of life that are important too.

My question is – how are you ‘moving’ with the ebb and flow of life? Are you rigid and continue to ‘push’ and ‘force’ things to happen as you planned at the start of the year?  And as a result, if and when things don’t seem to steer in the same direction – you feel very frustrated and find that things get from bad to worse?? Or do you adjust your ‘mental sails’ when you realize that the environment around you, the people and circumstances that you have work within are moving in different directions and/or pace?

So for those who have been feeling quite overwhelmed and frustrated.  The key is to understand that we can ‘blame’ our external circumstances and people till we are blue in the face.  It can only keep us in the same place ie. Same emotional space – feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  Yet, pointing the cause and blame on ourselves can only spiral ourselves into more self-harm. So “what is the answer, oh guru?” you may ask.   The answer is to stop ‘beating yourself up’ internally in the first place.  We set such high expectations of ourselves and what we want to happen this year – we forget that we live in the moment. We live in an environment that is already running at a fast pace.  Everything is constantly changing, and with never-ending pressures from all angles already – not to mention Facebook and other social media or devices!!!  So on top of that, we set our goals and resolutions and push for even more results and a ‘faster’  pace!! Then you wonder why – we are getting tired, frustrated and/or overwhelmed.

My dear friends and students.  For those who have been ‘mentally’ and ‘emotionally’ pushing for results – this is my gentle reminder that ‘slow and steady’ wins the race. Those who keep ‘pushing’ beyond their limits at this early stage of the year, may find themselves tripping over more obstacles instead of a smoother journey.  By no means, disregard your goals and dreams for this year.  I, myself, have already achieved one of them by doing my first triathlon and I will continue to strive to challenge my boundaries.

But my question is: are you working on your goals/dreams with consistency and taking care of yourself whilst you enjoy the journey?  Or are you punishing and torturing yourself to get these goals because you are not happy with yourself and what you did last year?  These are very different mentalities and approaches to our goals… To make our health and taking care of ourselves as our first priority sets us up for a strong foundation to achieve anything we can dream of.  To push for our goals, regardless of how our body feels and what our emotions tell us – sets us up for more frustration and pain.

Which will you choose today? And tomorrow? and the week? Because this becomes your year.

Happy New Year everyone!

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