Who’s Rocking Your Boat?

Sometimes when we don’t allow ourselves enough mental & emotional space, we tend to find situations in our lives ‘overwhelming’ or other people seem to be somehow ‘more overbearing or irritating’  than perhaps if we were well rested and relaxed.

I have found my channeled adult yoga classes to include a lot of hip openers this week.  To help students to get out of their ‘thoughts’ that may have been spinning out of control (and their emotions!) lately.  Hip openers help ‘ground’ students into the current reality ie.present moment.  As they are quite challenging to the body regardless how many hours, days or years the student has practiced yoga.  They take students out of their swirling thoughts and into ‘feeling’ what’s happening in their bodies.  Learning to respect where their bodies are at and letting go of our mental perceptions of what the body ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t do’. Letting ourselves to ‘be’ without our mental judegement and labels.

So for those who have been experiencing a sense of ‘un-easyness’ emotionally. ie not quite feeling right or easily irritated by life circumstances or other people.

Here are my suggestions for the week:

  • go to a Yoga class,
  • sit & do  a quick 5min Meditation in the car before you enter your home,
  • take 5 Deep Breaths at your desk, bedroom (even in the restroom if you have too! )
  • Walk around the block (without stewing over things!)
  • Spend time in nature & ‘enjoy’ what is in front of you.
  • Read a relaxing book
  • Have a laugh with your friends

For my yoga students/teachers, my Top 5 Grounding yoga postures are:

  • tadasana (mountain pose),
  • vrksasana (tree pose),
  • uttasana (standing forward bend),
  • adho murkha svanasana (downward facing dog pose)
  • viparita karani mudra (legs up the wall pose)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Taking time off to ‘enjoy’ what’s infront of you & giving your mind (& recycled emotions) a break!

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