Children’s Yoga for Victims of Emotional Abuse

Yogafun has been working a lot with children suffering from trauma and abuse lately.

Some are burning in pain, others are consumed in their emotions and cannot find a release or ‘out’. Victims of physical abuse are more easily protected and helped.  It is those that are subject to emotional abuse that are more easily overlooked and suffer silently.

Children suffering emotional abuse do not know how to seek help.  Emotional scarring cuts deep in their hearts.  Once hurt enough, the last thing they want to do is to trust and open their hearts for support and to be cared for.  Knowing that they risk being hurt once again.  Their pain repeats mentally and emotionally throughout different stages in their lives.  When left to their own isolation for long enough, they no longer believe it’s possible to trust another person emotionally anymore, and hence live emotionally isolated for many years.

Through children’s yoga, we help children to feel supported and safe physically and emotionally. An experienced yoga teacher can sense those who need additional emotional support in the yoga class.  Helping them feel comfortable in a group environment, where they can feel supported and support others too. Supporting them when they feel challenged in partner yoga activities where trust and communication is involved.

Yoga helps children understand that the physical movement and relaxation are not the only benefits of children’s yoga.  But it also involves the mental and emotional movement.  Helping children to shift their internal ‘posture’ or perception of their reality, what they believe is possible and how they feel about themselves.  Through meditation and self-awareness activities, children are taught from an earlier age about connecting & understanding their internal world.  Being able to challenge their beliefs and perception of their experiences, so that they don’t become stuck in an emotional or mental state when they are in different challenging situations.

Children’s yoga can be a powerful healing process for children how have experienced or are experiencing emotional abuse.  They learn to understand how they feel, why they feel a particular way when different situations trigger these emotions and how to manage their emotions and selves.  They are empowered to choose how they feel and act/re-act in these situations.  Helping them feel in control of their lives when they grow older and understand that they are no longer victims of other people’s behaviour and/or situations.  They are set free from their past pains and hurt.  Children’s yoga frees their body AND mind.

Our teachers at Yogafun are highly experienced children’s yoga specialists who use children’s yoga as a therapy for pre-teens and teenagers to cope with their life challenges. ie. stress management,  bullying, trauma, body image etc.

Contact Connie for more information on how Yogafun can assist your school or well-being program.


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