Recycling Old Thoughts & Emotions

Do you find yourself swirling or thinking the same thoughts & emotions lately – and perhaps driving you a little ‘batty’ or ‘disatisfied’ with your life??

It is important to give yourself space to rest from your own mind & emotions, once and awhile, (if not regularly!).  Giving yourself time & space to enjoy and being compassionate towards yourself, allows your undigested emotions & thoughts to process.  Sometimes this cannot be rushed.  It is with time that you gain more clarity & understanding of self.  Sometimes we want to ‘move forward’ too quickly and end up ignoring our unsettled thoughts & emotions, yet end up feeling these emotions again in different forms ie. stress, anxiety, pain/stiffness in body or even illness/diseases.

It is through spending with ourselves to process and listen to our emotions & thoughts without judgement or attachment, that we gain clarity and are ’emotionally’ able to move forward from our past experiences, emotions and thoughts.

Yogafun’s Winter Escape Retreat is coming soon! Lots of bushwalking, yoga, meditation, healthy meals to nurture yourself this winter.

Email us for more details.

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