Yogafun News Bulletin – March 2011

Yogafun has been very busy working with children & adults with trauma-related anxiety and inter-personal development issues.   As a result Connie (founder of Yogafun), has written an article to assist parents to work with children (or ourselves) who have been through intense emotional and circumstantial changes, which may help release their emotional ‘lock-down’ phase of their development.  When children (and adults alike) are confronted with a traumatic experience, it is a natural response for the hearts to ‘shutdown’ to temporarily avoid feeling the ‘pain’ or ‘shock’ of the incident.  If children do not feel well supported through this phase, they can potentially remain in an ’emotional lock-down’ mode for years, and sometimes a life time.  This can be reflected in their ability to enjoy life, develop relationships with others, anxiety issues, and also inhibit their ability to share their inner passions and talents with their external world.

Article will be available soon – stay tuned!
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