Characters of the mind: “I Want MORE!!!” syndrome

Isn’t it funny.  Life brings you so many beautiful and amazing experiences, some surprise you SO much you never believed it was ever possible in the first place.  Your heart opens and embraces the moment and makes you feel alive.

But then what happens??  Your mind starts to take over in a sense. Like a greedy kid… once you’ve tasted such an experience… you naturally ‘want more’. You can attach whatever context you wish to relate to this, but I know that you know what I mean.  When you experience something new and exciting – you naturally want more, now that you are open to it and know that it IS possible.  You start wanting and anticipating the next experience of it (whatever it is for you.) But sometimes we fall into the trap of ‘wanting’ or ‘trying’ to get more… so we anticipate and already ‘expect’ our next experience to be just as ‘special’ or as captivating as the first experience.  But is it?

The more we ‘want’ more, the more we reduce the chance of ‘getting’ more or ‘enjoying’ more of the experience.  Why is this so??  The more we want, the more we have ‘expectations’ of what we desire and want… forming more ‘mental realities’ of what things should or feel like ‘before’ we even have the next experience. ie. before the next experience even ‘exists’.  As we become focused on what we ‘want more of’- the more it seems far away. As we have placed ourselves (mentally) at a particular point, ie point A and have decided we are not there yet, therefore am aiming or wanting to be at point B.  This mental disparity between where you ‘think’ you currently are and where you ‘think’ you want to be… can be your point of suffering. Or keeps you ‘feeling’ that you want more and focusing on ‘what is not enough’ in your current ‘reality’.  Did you notice that all of this happens, in your head?? : )

So notice next time, when you are experiencing something fairly new, or have lost ‘enjoyment’ in things that you ‘use to’ or want to feel more enjoyment from – but feel its not as ‘good as it use to be’.  Do a stocktake of your thoughts and focus.  Is it really the experience that is not fulfilling your ‘enjoyment’ factor… or is it because you’ve created another ‘reality’ in your head of what the experience ‘should be’ and therefore, if it does not pan out like the image in your head. It no longer ‘stacks up’ and cannot be enjoyed as much as it use to be.

My suggestion/advice:  See if you can find the ‘enjoyment’ of every experience that you have this week.  No matter how small or large… all experiences are just as ‘special’ and have the potential to be ‘enjoyed’ by everyone.  But how often do we slow down our mental chatter so that we can ‘feel’ our experiences infront of us through our senses… instead of our brain and illusionary mental images and expectations of our experiences.  Embrace what is infront of you, what currently ‘exists’.  As you enjoy ‘what is’, the focus of ‘what is not there yet’ falls away, as it is only an illusion of the mind.  What exists is the ‘reality’ you choose to see and ‘feel’ about it. So how do you ‘feel’ about your currently reality? Are you able to find the ‘enjoyment’ in what currently exists? Or has you mind already taken you somewhere else already?

Have fun ‘enjoying’ your week. : )

The above article is written with an adult audience in mind.  This message/lesson has been translated to a more ‘child’ friendly perspective for our Yogafun kids yoga programs this week.  Hope you have found this article useful, please drop me a line to tell me what you thought – I’d love to hear your feedback!

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