Emotions are like Rooms – which do you ‘hang out’ in?

Emotions are like rooms, each room has a different ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’ to them.  Some rooms tend to be more familiar than others.  Which rooms have you been ‘hanging out’ in?

Know when its time to enter or experience a new room (ie. emotion).  Emotions are fun to ‘enter’ and ‘exit’, like rooms in a house.  Our ability to explore a broad spectrum of emotions gives our lives depth, colour and richness.  But can feel a bit stale or stuck if we don’t ‘get out’ once and awhile to explore the other rooms. Regardless how ‘comfortable’ or familiar we may feel one room may seem.

Feel more space & creativity/flow in your life through understanding yourself and the ’emotions’ or ‘rooms’ we tend to gravitate most often.  Check out our ‘Stop Swirling in your Emotions’ workshop- to understand the Predictable Nature of our Emotions this Saturday.  Be Quick – only few spaces left!

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