Sleepless Nights & Heightened Sensitivities

Welcome back to Term 3!

For those who’s children or themselves have been feeling a bit restless lately…

The last few months may have had its challenges, perhaps more challenging than anticipated – whether it be through sickness or challenges within the work, family or social environment.  As this school term begins, you may find children are not sleeping as well or are more easily agitated – reflected in their behaviour or even heightened sensitivities in their diet or relationships with their friends/peers.  The key to working ‘with’ their energy and at the stage of growth that they are experiencing which ‘is’ their only reality right now – is to respect how they feel and work ‘with’ them.  Not to ignore or disregard how they feel but to work ‘with’ them, and to acknowledge their perspective of their experience.  This can be a challenging task, as we need to continue to function within our daily lives and routines.  ie.Get the kids dressed and fulfiling their daily tasks, likewise our own – whether it be our work or unpaid work aka ‘housework’ etc.

This month is about ‘practicing what we preach’, by not only teaching our children to love and be patient with themselves – but to lead by example.  (As I said, it can be a challenging task at times) but this IS the time to practice what we preach and more so, practice and express our ‘love’ towards our children – whether it be our own children or children we have chosen to work with through the professions we have chosen.

As we practice ‘patience & love’ towards ourselves and others, we learn to overcome the ‘problems’ or conflicts that surface.  That is why yoga & meditation for kids is so important.  Our Yogafun Kids Yoga program helps children connect to their inner world.  Exploring the full spectrum of emotions that they can feel in any given day and to notice when they have been holding on to particular emotions that have taken over all their experiences.  When children (and adults) hold on to particular emotions or thoughts for longer than required, it can cause sleepless nights or heightened sensitivities or agitation, as the body, mind and their soul is not allowed space and time to rest.  Yoga for kids helps them connect to their sense of peace within themselves through learning about their ‘internal movement’.  Moving with their emotions and learning when and how to work with their fears, anger and frustrations.  Ahhhh, the magic of kids yoga – where we all learn and grow inside & out.

Stay tuned for our exciting new classes for this term.  Our Yogafun program has been so popular in the local community we have been asked to run classes at Waves Leisure Centre, Cheltenham – the family hub for wellness! And only have a few placements left for School Incursion programs for 2010 – Call us to book your school today!

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