Yogafun – Not Just Yoga Poses!

Kids are not just learning the physical yoga postures, in our Yogafun Kids Yoga classes & programs. They learn to connect with theirInternal Movement’. What’s ‘Internal Movement’ you ask? Great question, and there will be many articles to follow to fully explore this topic. Let’s just use the example. When we lie or sit still for a moment & closed our eyes.  What happens? Are we really ‘completely’ still? Do you notice movement or sensations in the body? Perhaps the rhythm of our breath? Or better still, we may notice the movement in our thoughts & emotions.  All of this is still movement… Internal Movement.

Through yoga & meditation we learn to become more aware of our Internal Movement that drives our daily actions & choices.  Its kind of like looking under the bonnet of a car, if the car is not running smoothly or taking us from ‘A’ to ‘B’, we sometimes need to look at the mechanics of why things are not ‘going our way’.  Or finding out why we re-act or ‘over-react’ in particular situations or meet certain people.

In order to explore our ‘Internal Movement’, we first need to be still. So even our Yogafun Kids Yoga classes, there are always moments of external ‘movement’ and postures held in stillness – to explore our Internal Movement.  The movement that we cannot see but is felt.

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