What is Kids Yoga?

Yoga classes for kids is very different to yoga classes for adults.

Generally, yoga classes for adults can range from gentle restorative & relaxing yoga postures and meditation to intensive physically challenging held in hot rooms.  These classes can be taught in various ways, where the yoga teacher is either instructing and demonstrating the yoga postures with the students or can be taught via just verbal instructions, depending on the style of the yoga class and teacher.  See www.findyoga.com.au for the various styles of yoga and teachers available in your area.

For those who have only experienced yoga classes for adults, it can seem strange to think kids would enjoy a yoga classe – given their definition of a yoga class is based on what they have experienced.  (Makes sense really =>)

Yet Kids Yoga classes differ from yoga classes for adults immensely.  As the students of a kids yoga class respond to their experiences and teaching methods a lot differently to adults.  Children have a shorter attention span than adults, and what captures their attention, may not necessarily entertain a adult yoga student as such.  ie. children’s needs from a yoga class and its delivery is very different to that of an adult yoga class.

Kids want to have fun. They naturally have the desire to learn, they soak information like sponges when the lessons are taught in a manner that they can relate to.  So teaching Kids Yoga caters for this.  The classes are usually run between 30-60 minutes depending on age of children and class size.  Each class is usually themed to make the classes exciting and appeals to the children’s creativity and liking towards stories and captivates their vivid imagination.

As children are at the earlier stages of learning more awareness about themselves, both physically, mentally and emotionally.  The kids yoga classes tend to have a stronger focus on building their confidence, self esteem and stress management, than being a very technical or theoretical class.  Kids learn best through experience.  So in Kids Yoga classes, they are encouraged to explore what their bodies are capable of, connecting with their emotions and imagination and learning to trust and appreciate themselves in a non-competitive environment.

Kids yoga classes tend to use music, props and is only limited to the yoga teachers and students imagination.

Whilst having fun, exploring different yoga postures, breathing techniques in the form of different animal shapes and sounds – they learn the basics of yoga and meditation, without them even realising.  As they are usually having too much fun to notice.  Kids yoga obviously is not just about having fun, or a babysitting service.  Teaching kids yoga can be challenging and requires thorough yoga teaching training and specific kids yoga teaching training to ensure the true essence of yoga is imparted to the kids.  It is easy to teach kids the variety of kids yoga postures and techniques but yoga is beyond just the physical exercises and techniques.  The teachings and lessons in connecting with their inner world and guiding them through the different emotions states that they experience in a kids yoga class takes time and experience to master.  That is why Yogafun only employs yoga teachers who have had a solid yoga teaching training and practice.  Who lives and breathes what yoga is about AND who are also passionate in teaching kids.  This is a very specialised field and not all yoga teachers choose to teach.

To be able to connect with children AND impart the physical knowledge and techniques, on top of guiding the children through the emotional and mental movements in class is a what makes Kids Yoga very unique and different from other forms of sports and extra-curricular activities.

As yoga teachers who specialise in Kids Yoga are few and far between, Yogafun was created to collectively represent a team a passionate kids yoga teachers in the community. Making kids yoga more accessible to all children through our school programs and community courses / events.

Email us to get Yogafun at your school or community.


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