Thinking Big, Acting Big?

Too often we think and dream of who we want to be, as if its some time in the future.  What we forget to be mindful of, are ‘our actions’ today.  We want to be this and that.. eg. confident, live our dreams or even just enjoy a more simple or relaxing lifestyle.  These are all great thoughts and intentions.  But until they are actioned in our daily lives – they remain thoughts and dreams.

So my question this week, what or who do WE wish to be?  And what are our actions and choices that we are making TODAY to reflect our visions and who we think we want to be?  [Also refer to ‘Be the Leader  that You Are’ article for more]

This week is slightly different from the above mentioned article, as this week we are hightlighting that sometimes we ‘wish’ and ‘dream’ to be someone bigger or better etc.  Yet, do our decisions and actions today reflect this? Are our actions based on feeling comfortable with ourselves, feeling the confident or being the ‘full potential’ that we can be TODAY?  Or are they based on old ‘habits’ of thinking and acting?  ie. re-acting, over-reacting or doing the same things that we usually do. eg ‘stressing’ or ‘stew and brew’ over things, instead of addressing the solutions today?  Blaming others or our circumstances for our emotions about ourselves or our lives.

Now that we are not bothering with our old ‘auto-pilot’ reactions.  [Refer to last week’s ‘De-Pressing Our Buttons’ article]. What are we focusing our energy and actions on today?  Are we filling the shoes we ‘think’ we can fill?  Or are we still dreaming or thinking about it, and still acting as if we are small and focusing on things that would not bother us, if we were ‘bigger & better’. ie. ‘being’ the person we want to be and focusing on what is really important to us, rather than nitpicking on ourselves and others.

So are you Thinking Big AND Acting/Being Big today?

Are your actions today reflecting who really are or want to be?  Or are you still thinking, dreaming or striving for it tomorrow or later?

Have a great week – Being who you dream or want to be today.

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