Take the Throne!

What would you do if you were King or Queen of the throne?  Or of your Life for that matter?

As a baby is born, it is acknowledged as a child of Endless Possibilities & Potential.  What changes as we grow up? Many growing pains & joys of course.  And sometimes we learn to talk ourselves out of our dreams and what we believe is possible.

This week, take the time out to allow your inspirations & dreams to flow through you.  I say ‘flow through’ instead of ‘think’, as sometimes we ‘over think’ things so much, that we ‘think’ of what we want based on what we currently believe is possible, instead of exploring new possibilities beyond what we ever thought was possible – and to explore them!  So take the time to ‘daydream’ as some say. Where we allow inspiration to come from our hearts, not our minds.

Imagine, ANYTHING was possible. Not limited to our finances, circumstances, friends/family or social status. (Notice, if our thoughts had already automatically dismissed this before reading the next line? Funny habit sometimes).  If anything was possible, just as we were, as a child starts his/her journey in life – what would you do?  What would you WANT in your life moving forward?

If you are up for the challenge, take the throne this week & decide what you would like or ‘order’ for your life.  Sometimes we shy away from being seen or taking the control seat of our lives, as its easier to fall back to old habits and focus on our ‘problems’ or why we ‘cannot’ do things.

Take the Throne & Be Clear about what you DO want and watch it happen.

When you are clear on what you want – No fear or obstacle becomes too big.  The biggest obstacle sometimes is ourselves – so get out of the way & be the King / Queen of Your Week (which multiplies to become a month, eventually year/s & life!)

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