Stress – in our Heads or in Reality?

Sometimes we associate ‘stress’  to different circumstances and people.  So when we encounter these people/situations, we go into ‘auto-panick’ mode and ‘stress’ about the situation before it even happens.  What is the stress/worry really relating to?  Is it related what is in front of us – our current reality. or in our heads based on our past experiences?  Sometimes our mind creates the stress associated with the situation/person before it even happens or becomes our reality.

So this week, notice if the ‘stress’ or ‘worry’ about the situation or person is there before it happens.  If it is not really there infront of us, then there is a whole spectrum of experiences or emotions we CAN potentially have with the person/s involved or situation we have or have the tendency to ‘auto-stress’ about.  The experiences that we have not yet had with the person/s,  can be potentially not as ‘bad’ as we can anticipate sometimes – or has that not been a possibility in our minds lately?  Because we’ve been so use to referring to our emotions attached to our past experiences to see any other possible outcome?

Have a lovely week. Enjoying the endless possibilities you can experience with each person/situation that you meet.  You might even experience something you never imagined to be possible.

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