Emotions – Our Internal Movement

In our Yogafun Kids Yoga classes, the children learn to connect with their emotions.  How does that work? What does that mean? As adults, through our experiences we learn different words to express how we ‘feel’ or our ’emotions’.  I like to think Emotions as an ‘Expression of Internal Movement’. What does that mean? Lets take a step back.  Emotions are also called ‘feelings’.  Emotions are not obvious until a person decides to ‘express’ them.  Before they are expressed through words or actions – they are ‘felt’ first, internally.

How do emotions ‘feel’?  What is felt internally? When we feel sad, do we ‘feel’ like jumping for joy? Not really, right? Sadness is usually felt as a ‘shrinking’ or ‘contracting’ movement.  So when we feel ‘sad’ our body naturally expresses this as a ‘shrinking’ or hunching of shoulders, tightening of the belly etc.  And on the contrary, when we feel happy – do we naturally feel ‘expansive’? Do we naturally stretch our body, stand tall & proud and jump for joy?

So Emotions are ‘Expressions of ‘Internal Motion’ or ‘Internal Movement’.  Refer to ‘Yogafun – Not Just Yoga Poses!article.  Emotions are ways we express how we feel ‘the movement’ inside.  Each emotion has its different character and ‘feel’.  Through our Kids Yoga programs, our children learn not only how to ‘feel’ their Internal Movement, but learn how to express these using their bodies and movement. They learn to ‘connect’ with their ‘E-motions’ = expression of their Internal Movement.

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