Are your Cracks Showing?

Lately in our kids & adult yoga classes, the lesson has been about ‘solid foundations’ or where our actions have been ‘lacking’ this.  So for teachers/parents, you may have noticed our kids a bit more easily agitated or tired than normal – or perhaps ourselves too?  For the kids, our kids yoga classes have had a stronger focus on breathing techniques and relaxation time to take home & practice in their everyday lives.  This equips them with tools for times when they find it difficult to sleep or challenging to focus or relax.

Same too with our adult yoga classes, and of course with a bit more depth.  As adults, not only we may feel a bit more easily agitated or tired.  We may have noticed that things that use to ‘press our buttons’ or our ‘old habits or ways of doing things’ have crept up to the surface again lately.  Hence the title, “Are Your Cracks Showing?’.  So for some, it may mean that if we used to push ourselves to the limit or spread ourselves too thin to help others – we may be feeling quite tired or getting a bit sick lately.  Or for those who tend to be more sensitive sometimes, maybe be re-acting to things a bit more than usual.  Perhaps ‘snapping’ or ‘over-reacting’ to things that can possibly be resolved in a more calmer manner?  So in the adult yoga classes, the focus has not only been about awareness of breath but also self awareness and commitment to ourselves.  Life is constantly changing, there will always be highs & lows, some times more challenging than others.  But the question is, what are WE doing on a regular basis to maintain our health internally?

Sure, it is easy to clean & keep the body fit externally.  It is obvious to see & do this.  Yet, how often do we do a stocktake of our thoughts and what we tell ourselves internally?  This one, less easily detected.  Some may look healthy externally, but sometimes it pays to check our internal health – in terms of our approach towards ourselves.  Tonight’s class we focused on breathing in ‘space’ & ‘compassion’ towards ourselves.  We learnt the power of stillness. Even though sometimes, to stop or ‘be still’ feels like we are not ‘doing anything’ or progressing.  It is in our ‘stillness’ that we connect with our inner depth & appreciation of ourselves.    Its like working for the sake of working, and forgetting to take a break to reflect on how much you’ve achieved thus far & enjoy quality time with family etc.

So if your ‘Cracks are showing’ lately. ie. feeling tired or agitated lately. Take time out to ‘enjoy, reflect & appreciate‘ how much you have achieved thus far, each day or week – celebrate who you are and what are difference you have made to others.  If not, why not?  Enjoy some space for yourself, not just physically but mentally too.  Give ourselves some break from self-criticism or judgments – so there is space for more positive thoughts & perspectives of ourselves.  Again, if not, why not? What choices have we made recently, and are they based on a solid foundation of trusting our own abilities and what is important in our lives – or have been based on re-actions of old habits or past experiences? Have we spent enough time/energy on our internal foundations? If not, why not?

Have a great week, creating stillness internally to see the beauty in ourselves and perhaps some cobwebs that just need a bit of dusting old thinking patterns/habits.

Come & celebrate with Connie her ‘early retirement’ from her longtime running yoga classes at the local gyms this Sunday May 23rd for a Southern Indian buffet lunch.

Email for more info  Hope to see you all there!

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