Letting Go of our Prickles in Life – Mental Fixations Part 2

In our Yogafun classes held at local venues and also our Yoga classes for Teenagers this week, as part of the National Youth Week activities.  We experienced in our classes how we get somethings mentally fixated on our ‘problems’ in life. eg. when we have a sore knee, we sometimes focus so strongly on the pain & inconvenience of the experience – we forget that we have the rest of the body that is healthy and able to move.  So rather than, nurturing our sore knee and continue to live our everyday lives/dreams – all we experience is the ‘sore knee’ because, we havent attended to anything else in our lives because the pain/inconvenience of the knee has totally consumed us.

Further to this lesson, when we notice what we have been mentally fixated on lately – we realise there’s so much more we can experience other than our problems.  We can actually enjoy the rest of the day, regardless if we’ve had a challenge or problem during the day.  eg. We ‘can’ enjoy our quality time with family regardless, if we’ve had an argument or difference in opinions. Or, we can still have fun with our friends, despite doing not too well on a test or school assessment.  The point is to not allow our problems to ‘consume’ us.  As there is so much to life than just our problems – we have our talents and gifts that we can enjoy or share with others.  We have amazing friends and family who support us and accept us for who we are already – rather than needing to control our behaviour to suit others’ expectations and values.  Or worse still, to expect other’s to behave in the way that we wish them to behave , instead of accepting others for who they are, given their own life experiences and perception of the world.

After we step back from focusing on our issues, we may at times feel vulnerable or lost.  Because, when we have been so used to focusing on problems – we’ve forgotten how to relax, or to be comfortable with ourselves.

This is the fun part, where we learn to breathe through our different emotions that appear.  When we let go of our mental fixations, we  can feel vulnerable because we have let go of something that was somewhat ‘a part of us.’  Therefore, to feel vulnerable or uncomfortable is natural and is the exciting part.   We are free to experience ‘more space’, ‘more time’  or something beyond our mental fixations -  we become ‘more open’ to new experiences mentally and emotionally.  Do you remember the first time you tried a new hobby or sport? Or even first day at school?  When we try new things or do something different – there is usually ‘aprehension’ or fear.  This is natural and part of being human.  Sometimes we get uncomfortable with the first sight of fear, we start to turn back.  But if we persist and acknowledge that fear or feeling uncomfortable is natural and a good sign that we are about to embark on a new experience – it can be a great thing.

So next time you feel uncomfortable or worried about what is to come next, trust in your own abilities.  Trust that you have everything that it takes to handle what comes next.  You might even enjoy the experience or at least learn something more about yourself.

This week, have fun, embracing your fears & worries and try something new.  Not just physically, but more importantly emotionally and mentally.  Perhaps, trust a person you never thought you could, be yourself without worrying about what the other person thinks, give your family a chance to enjoy the ‘relaxed’ side of you inside of fitting into the ‘good parent’ or ‘good child’ role that we sometimes squeeze ourselves into.  When we are perfectly fine  being ourselves and relaxed in any environment – only if we allowed ourselves to.

Have a great week.

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