Dare YOU to be Different

Sometimes we are such creatures of habit.  We get up, get dressed, do our usual wake up morning routine then off we start the day (perhaps this includes getting up in a rush & rushing to work or school – sound familiar?)  Same too with our thinking.  Only its less obvious.  When something happens, our mind tends to switch to ‘autopilot’ mode and re-acts to a particular person or situation the same way, as if it was an re-enactment of the last incident that we had with the person or situation.  Well, at least the emotions relating to that incident comes to surface.  Funnily enough, even though its a new experience with that person or situation – where anything can happen from that moment but sometimes, we get stuck with an old image or snapshot of how it felt last time – we’re not open to the experience, ie. as if it was our first time either meeting the person or being in that situation.

So our mind tends to habitually think about particular things, people and situations, with a ‘flavour’ or ‘aftertaste’ from an past experience.  Our ‘mental habits’ of doing & perceiving our ‘reality’ of what experience we are having infront of us happens sometimes BEFORE we even have the experience, because we have already judged or concluded how the experience will turn out or have connected to the feelings from past events to the current one.

So notice how you do it today? When you meet a loved one, do you already have a set ‘image’ of this person – what he/she will do, what you like or not like about them? etc etc… or can you meet this person based on who he/she is today – a new person right in front of you.  An opportunity to learn more about them as they have grown from their latest experiences just as you have.

As its Easter break, try a different approach.  Do something different – you  can approach this however way you wish.  Take a break, schedule a day of ‘nothing’ and NOT feel guilty about it, dont turn on the laptop or mobile for a day, or if you’ve been procrastinating – sit down and do something in the ‘too hard basket’.

You may find, if you keep doing what you use to do – physically AND mentally, then you’ll only experience the same things, circumstances, emotions etc.  But if you allow yourself to do something different, more importantly treat each moment as a new experience, be excited to learn more about others and yourself – you may even surprise yourself, how amazing it can be and you are already!

Have a Fantastic Easter break!

There will be no kids yoga classes during these school holidays, as our team will be preparing for more exciting and new kids yoga and adult yoga programs for the coming term!  We’ll keep you posted.

Signing off for a few days.

Over & out.

-Connie =>

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