Be the Leader that You Are

Sometimes we get frustrated or feel limited in what we do or how we do things in our everyday lives.  Yet its funny that we don’t often question if these limitations are actually valid or that we believe its possible to move beyond them.

This week in our Yogafun Adult Yoga classes, we explore how we can get frustrated or ‘limited’ in different parts of our lives and realise that it is not necessarily the circumstances or people around us that ‘impose’ these restrictions upon us.  It is more our thoughts or beliefs about what is possible or what we feel we ‘can do’ in these situations that ‘bind us’ to the feelings of restriction and limitations.

Put it this way, its like driving a car but only referring to the rear vision mirror for direction and clarity.  Too often our mind refers to the past experiences to define what ‘is’ and ‘isnt’ possible as we move forward into new experiences.  Why not look through the front vision window as you drive into a new street and respond according to what you see in the street?  Sometimes, we like to complicate things and keep holding on to our past ‘dramas’ of life to be able to see clearly to move forward without any restrictions/limitations.

Its quite exciting really, when you feel a strong enough frustration about our everyday lives.  Because it forces to you to make a choice.  Either ‘a’ keep doing what you’ve been doing and experience or live out the frustrations that you have probably been ‘putting up with’ for awhile now, which has now come to surface. Or ‘b’ make a conscious decision to do something different. Physically you are not bound by anyone or situation, what ‘binds’ us are the thoughts and values of the ‘should have’, ‘have to do’s’ and ‘must have’s’.  So if this is the case, then its easy.  Its a shift in mindset or attitude to a situation/people involved.  Whereby you dont need to ‘change other people’ or circumstances, its more of questioning if the situation is causing you frustration or feeling limited – what are YOU going to do about it?

Can you make the most out of the situation you are presently in? As you have probably at somepoint in the past, decided this is where you want or need to be.  Or is it time to move on, as you’ve outgrown your environment and ready for more growth and new experiences?

When we realise that the only thing we need to do to reduce or resolve the frustration is to actually make the ‘decision’  of how we allow things to be and effect us.  Then its just a matter of following through with how you want to live’  or approach  that situation.

You will find that as you take the steps to ‘move yourself out of your frustration’ – you are leading by example and inspiring others to take steps to do things differently too.  Its funny, many of us think that we need to be in a power of authority or status to be a leader.  Leadership involves leading the way, as you ‘lead your life’ in the direction you ‘want’  to live.  The effects of your changes affect not only you, but those around you too.  Your friends, famiy and peers as they notice the choices and changes you make.  [Refer to blog on ‘Ripple Effect’.]

So have fun this week, leading the life you want to live… as you step into the true leader you already are.

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