What’s my Meditation?

Meditation these days can be perceived as forcing oneself to sit very still and to control the different thoughts that swirl in our heads until they ‘eventually stop’ or have ‘mastered the art’.

Meditation is learning to be in the moment.  Being in the experience rather than in our thoughts.  How often have we been in an experience where we were ‘physically’ present but our thoughts have not. Ie. been thinking about our past or future experiences? What had happened earlier or what we need to do next after this? Or just oscillating between the two.  What is missed is the opportunity to enjoy the experience as we live it.

Another perfect example is ‘hindsight’ how many of us have looked back at our past experiences and thought ‘I wish I appreciated or enjoyed that part of my life when I was younger?’

Hindsight is powerful, as it allows you to appreciate what has happened and gives you more information about yourself and your surroundings to make more informed decisions about what you will do next and what you perceive as your ‘current reality’.  But imagine you were able to enjoy and appreciate the experiences that you have ‘as you experience them’.

Meditation, like Yoga, is not a religion and eventually not even a ‘ritual’ or thing that you ‘have to’ do or maintain – imagine it comes ‘naturally’.  Meditation & Yoga is a ‘way of living’, not through rigid rules of ‘how to do things’ or ‘how we should’ behave but more so to empower oneself to create AND enjoy life as we live it.  This is my meditation – enjoying life as I experience it, moment by moment.

Each moment is just a ‘pin-prick’ of time, and each moment collectively becomes a day, a week and eventually our lives.

So meditation allows us to see and appreciate each moment that we experience, as we experience them.  Giving us the opportunity to ‘choose’ how we live each moment which collectively becomes ‘our lives’ and who we are and become.

So what do you CHOOSE to do in each moment?

Meditation Courses/Classes for Adults will start again next Term.

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