What do YOU do with your Brilliance?

Yogafun Sunset at Langkawi beach 2006

More accurately, what do we CHOOSE to do with our Brilliance?

Imagine that you were brilliant in all the things you currently do.  Or CAN BE brilliant in the things you do.  ie, Perhaps you already are – but it just do see it yet because you’re too busy criticising yourself, others or circumstances? or working on being a ‘better’ you.

In our Yogafun Kids yoga & yoga / meditation for Adults classes this week, so many students are caught up with everything that is ‘less of them’. ie. focussing on their flaws, dramas, how they should ‘look like’ or ‘behave’ – their minds are contracted on these thoughts and their bodies have tightened – only just to reflect their mental holding & focus.

For my regular kids yoga (& adult) students, we have over the last months or so, in classes we have learnt to be able to recognise that:
a) we have these ‘labels’ or images of ourselves – what we feel we ‘can do’, ‘should do’, ‘have to do’… the list goes on and what we believe is ‘possible’.

b) these images or labels about ourselves are not permanently ‘fixed’ on us. That every morning we wake up, we have the opportunity to be all the qualities we wish to be – by conscious choice of our actions and thoughts we focus on.

So now that we have been able to ‘see’ that we are not what we ‘expect’ to be but actually greater than any image or label that we have placed upon ourselves in the past.

My question this week is: What do YOU do with your Brilliance?

So now that we know we CAN do what we want, and have All the skills and qualities to live out our dreams and goals – what are YOU doing about it?

Where do you spend your energy & time on each day or week? Is it spent ‘wisely’ or ‘effectively’ on the things that you are important to you in life?

Are you using your skills & talents in the best way possible for you and all those around you – friends, family, community & world?

Are you living your fullest potential?

Then what are YOU waiting or stopping for??

Live & BE your BRILLIANCE.

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