The Ripple Effect

This week in our Yoga classes, we are exploring what we hold onto internally, in our thoughts, and watching the ripple effect of holding these thoughts in our everyday experiences.

Sometimes we get so ‘stuck’ in our thoughts of what we think ‘should’ or ‘needs’ to happen, we lose sight of what we are really experiencing – in front of us.

So this week, students are asked to play with this concept.  Both in adults & kids yoga classes.  Obviously the teaching approach is different, however the concept is still the same nevertheless.  Students were asked to notice what thoughts they have been focusing on lately, and notice what experiences they have been having and noticing the correlation between the two.

So for example, for the adult students, we are observing how perhaps we focus on what we ‘need more of’ in our lives. ie. more time.  So the more we focus of ‘not having enough time’ everything is based on this thought.  ie. we squeeze in another errand today, because we don’t have time for tomorrow, or we’re constantly looking at the clock etc.  In this case, as we hold on to the thought ‘of not having enough – time’ – then the experiences that we are having are just that. Of not ever having enough time.

What tends to happen, is that as we rush from one thing to another – we lose sight of ‘enjoying’ the things we do. As we’re always busy thinking of the next thing we need to do.  Then, we can get caught up planning for our next errand or watching the clock – when our child or loved ones are wanting to spend ‘quality’ time with us but our minds are racing around elsewhere.  Or when we’re trying to fall asleep but our mind is racing a million miles per hour, planning the next day.

Same too with children.  We explored over the last few weeks of being in contact with our emotions, how we feel and how it effects others.  In a FUN way of course! Then this week, we’re exploring this further by playing with it.  Noticing when we change our thoughts & feelings about our situation and how it effects others.

So I call this the ‘Ripple Effect’.  Where we notice the ripples of our thoughts and actions.  It is when we notice and realise the ripples we are creating for ourselves and others around us – a) we can appreciate the amazing qualities we ‘DO’ have and b)we can adjust our thoughts and actions, if we see if does not help fit with what is infront of us.

So what ‘Ripples’ are you creating today?

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