Term 1 Another Great Success!

This week is the last week of our Yogafun programs at schools and at community venues.  Its certainly a time of celebrations – as both kids & adults in our yoga programs have explored many different aspects of themselves.  ie. different beliefs about themselves, what they perceived was possible and learning how much of an effect they can have on others through their own thoughts & actions.  Over the weeks we have been blessed to see each child grow and develop physically & emotionally.  Watched the preps transitioned into school life, watched older students (kids & adults) learn to be more confident and comfortable with who they are, connecting with their emotions and being more pro-active in how they participate in their life experiences.

Thank you everyone, both students AND parents for coming to the Yogafun programs and/or making them possible.

We’d love to hear from you – what you or your child experienced during the program – to share what has been achieved thus far in our programs at your school.  Feedback is always great, as we can share  how Yogafun has impacted you or your child.

If Yogafun is not yet at your school -  ask your school contact us & we can be there next term!

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