The Ever Changing YOU

This week in our Yogafun Kids & Adult yoga classes we explore the Amazing qualities we live and share with others each day.  Imagine that each person is able to choose what qualities that they believe they have and share with others.  Imagine that each person is a fresh clump of sculpting clay – which has endless possibilities of what shapes and form it can be.

This week, we highlight how a person has no strict definitive form. ie. each person has a choice to be responsible or irresponsible, a leader or a follower, a co-operative child or naughty child.  These are all just labels that we use to describe a person at a given point in time.  They do not necessarily describe a person every moment of each day.  Of course, if a person chooses to act in a particular manner on a regular basis – we start to relate a person with these attributes, but nevertheless, words can be limited in describing the whole ‘Essence’ of a person.  In fact, can YOU describe the whole essence of  ‘You’? Try encapsulating ‘You’ with words to describe the whole lifetime of being you?

So we explore, how a person is born as a baby with endless possibilities and potential.  And regardless of age, still remains a limitless potential of possibilities.  Each day we choose to ‘be’ and ‘live’ how we feel are and what we believe is possible for us. We learn that our past experiences can highlight our beautiful qualities we have shared with our loved ones and we reminds us how amazing and a huge difference we have already made in our lives and of others.

Living and appreciating our ‘Ripple Effect’ upon others.

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