7 Year Old Boy Organizes Community Festival

Some kids will do anything. After Jefferson Bauer handed his father the letter, his dad knew that he had to respond. After all it’s not everyday that you are handed a letter from the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.

It seems that Jefferson had written to the PM asking how he would go about getting a festival for ‘kids of all abilities’ off the ground.  And as the letter granted all the right approvals right from the top, Jefferson’s dad knew he had to act.

The idea in Jefferson’s mind was to put on a fun day for the whole community of Kingston in Melbourne; a festival which had a focus on children / families with special needs.

Chelsea Community Renewal and Kingston’s MetroAccess supported Jefferson to bring together a range of partners who worked as a team to bring about the event.

Planning of a large scale was undertaken so as to make the event low cost for families, and to enable the majority of activities to be accessible to the whole community.

What a day!

With various rides and attractions seemingly bringing children and families from all over the countryside, the event was busy from the time it started, not letting up until closing at 4.30pm. ( People didn’t want to go home! )

The Yogafun marquee was inundated with children ( as well as adult-kids ) all wanting to participate in the free childrens yoga classes on the day. Classes were run literally back to back from late morning and by noon the scheduled timetable was thrown out the window to cope with the demand. With just 3 teachers on hand, we managed pretty well – shows you how good yoga is for your energy levels!

As a result of community interest, we at Yogafun have had to schedule an ’emergency meeting’ this week to cope with the extra demand. The topic of the meeting will be the recruitment of several new Yogafun instructors so that we can service new areas of Melbourne beyond our current service boundaries.

Stay tuned for further news as we ride the ( tidal ) wave created by a day of fun in the sun…

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