Been a Hectic Week?

What a week! A week of many movements – both internally and externally. Where we’ve perhaps experienced different swirls of emotions that we have surfaced again from the past. How did we re-act or not re-act to them? As parents, did we over-react to our child’s behaviour? As business owners/employees did we fall into old thinking/working habits? As kids, have we felt too tired and very sensitive to be able to have energy to keep up with our social commitments & expectations?

A week where everything perhaps have seemed to have a momentum of its own, which left us feeling a need to ‘escape’ or ‘retreat’? Time and space to recover or to ‘get a grip’. Or felt so exhausted, that we could not cope with our daily routines.

So this week I encouraged students to ‘make time’ for oneself. Whether it be sitting in the car for one minute or stepping outside the office for a moment. And more importantly creating time for ourselves where we can totally immerse ourselves in something that we ‘love’ doing. Creating space in our lives to step outside of our swirling expectations and pressures, of others – and more importantly from ourselves. Coming back to our own elements. Where we can ‘lose’ ourselves, in the moment. For me, its being in the ocean, for others it may be spending time in the garden etc.

Imagine the ‘dis-ease’ that we feel which prevents us from a proper nights sleep or the inability to be relaxed in our working/school/family environment were not due to the pressures of others or workload. But our expectations and pressures we place on ourselves.

So when we take that minute to step outside of our own swirling thoughts and pressures, we come back to our natural relaxed selves. Come back to what is important, perhaps our health, our enjoyment and passions in life.

Its great to have ambitions, goals etc to help us to achieve what we want from life, but too often I see many try so hard, that miss the experience of enjoying creating and living their dreams. Whereby, we miss watching our kids grow up, spending quality time with our friends & family or miss the fun and excitement of creating a year of memories when you turn 16 or 60.

When we create that space in our lives, we can see a different perspective to our current ‘reality’. Perhaps, we get to see a different ‘reality’ by seeing things as they really are – which is infront of us. The opportunities, the love from our friends and family – instead of being stuck in our thoughts and not seeing the beauty that is before us – ready to be experienced.

When we create enough space for ourselves, not just in our daily routines but more importantly in our thoughts and expectations of ourselves. We experience our true self. Our inspirations, our creativity. Anchored in the moment that is infront of us. Anchored in ourselves. Who we are inside and sharing this with the world.

The photo used today(above), seems to capture the lesson. Even though the waves at the beach seem to be endlessly crashing at our feet, and the sand never seems to settle in this movement. Our feet remain anchored in the sand. We remain anchored in who we are. All we need to do is stand still for a moment to see it.

See you next class!

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