Kids Yoga

Confidence for Kids through Yoga

  • Is your child strong enough to withstand the pressures of bullying and peer pressure?
  • Does your child know how to cope with a poor body image and academic performance?
  • Are your school teachers and students motivated, calm & focused in their classrooms?
  • Is your school PROACTIVE about your childs mental & emotional well-being?

Kids Yoga is one of the most powerful ways to reduce anxiety, bullying, depression and manage classroom behaviours. Yogafun, the leading Childrens Yoga specialists in Melbourne, who have facilitated school well-being programs to hundreds of schools in Victoria, since 2006.Connie Mah, the founder of Yogafun, was recently nominated for an award, by the Australian Sports Commission for her outstanding kids yoga school program and contribution to Victorian schools.

The program is a proactive initiative to prevent the increasing trend of anxiety, depression, bullying, mental illnesses and youth suicide in students in Australia.

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Yogafun™’s engaging and practical programs and training helps both teachers and students feel more confident, calm and energised for optimal learning in the classrooms.

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